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Do your products allow for temperature control?

Yes, our technology allows for a wide range of options including temperature control. These options should be chosen based on the type of work or environment our technology will be used in.

How long does it take to fulfill an order?

This will depend on whether you are purchasing a contract for a custom product or if you are purchasing a product that is available off the shelf. An off the shelf product if available will be shipped by the next business day.

What is your minimum quantity for custom orders?

1000 units for a custom order.

What is the process for developing a custom solution?

Contact our team, we gather your requirements and applicable codes/regulations, we provide a quote including cost estimate, schedule with milestones and a schedule of values for invoicing.

Are you a US company?

Yes, we are a US company located in Baltimore MD.

Do you license your technology for use with other products?

Yes, we license our technology and can manufacture components to fit with the requestors product if desired.

Do you only specialize in climate controlled headgear?

No, we specialize in wearable thermoregulation technology. We have other technology under development that we are not at liberty to publish at this time.

Is your technology patented?

Yes, we have 4 patents granted and one pending. We are also actively working to expand our intellectual property portfolio.

Do your products meet OSHA safety standards?

Yes, but some of our products are not required to meet OSHA standards.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Please reach out to us for further details.